Student Housing Startup Guide

Don’t worry! We have all the answers you are looking for. Most of our tenants have never signed a lease prior to renting from us.

Eight straightforward steps to renting student housing

  1. Find your roommates. This is probably the most difficult step. Decide exactly who you will be living with. This is important because we will not show a house or apartment to a partial group. For instance, if you are looking at a four bedroom house, all four students need to be at the showing at the same time.
  2. Make sure that all roommates know that their parents will be required to cosign the lease. This is a requirement of all of our leases. No exceptions.
  3. Use our website to decide which properties your group is most interested in. We recommend picking no more than three houses or apartments to tour.
  4. Find a time that works for ALL roommates to tour the property. Properties are available to be seen Monday through Friday after 2pm. Other times are available on a limited basis.
  5. Call John at 330-281-4478 to schedule a tour and learn more about the properties you are most interested in.
  6. Go on the tour. If you like the house and are interested in renting it, you will be asked to complete a short application and to pay the application fee of $65. Upon successfully being approved, you will need to provide a deposit in the amount equal to one month’s rent.
  7. Meet with John to review and sign the lease.
  8. Sleep easy knowing that you have an awesome place to live!!

Common Questions

When do leases start?

The term of the lease runs from August 15th until the following July 31st.

Can I have a pet?

Absolutely NO pet cats or dogs are permitted.

Can we have parties?

Our houses continue to be the nicest houses around campus because we do not tolerate the typical destruction that a house party may cause. If you are looking to have house parties or in general know that you or your roommates will not take care of the property, then we suggest you look elsewhere. There are plenty of landlords that don’t mind how you treat their property and you will be much better suited renting from them. With that being said, If you are a serious student looking for a really nice place to live and intend on keeping it that way, then you will have a great experience by renting from Roo Town Rentals.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit amount is equal to 1 month’s rent.

When should I start looking for a place for next school year?

We begin showing properties in November of each year for the next school year. OUR PROPERTIES RENT QUICKLY SO DON’T WAIT!