I loved renting from Roo Town Rentals! They are very friendly, easy to communicate with, awesome with timely repairs, and just overall the perfect company to have as a landlord! I have rented from them for two years and going into my third! I wish I would have found out about them sooner so I could’ve rented from them my freshman year too. Don’t make the mistake of renting from anyone else besides Roo Town Rentals! Ashley O., Psychology


Roo Town Rentals made off-campus living easy and stress-free. They have affordable properties that are well kept and secure. I wish my roommates and I would have moved in sooner to save money!Samantha H., Communications


I have lived in the same house since I moved out of the dorms 4 years ago. Roo Town Rentals has provided me with affordable off campus housing. John is always quick to help if there is ever a problem. After living here for 4 years I can say nothing bad about Roo Town Rentals. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a well kept college house! Thanks for all you have done for us!Lauren B., Exercise Physiology


John has been professional and cordial while I was at U of A. John takes pride in his houses but doesn’t treat you like you are just a number when you stay with Roo Town Rentals. He is prompt in addressing concerns. Thanks for renting to me, John!Rachel H., Fashion Design and Merchandising


John is a very friendly and understanding landlord. If we ever had problems, which was almost never, they were always taken care of quickly. Roo Town Rentals is a great business that provides a great experience.Travis W.


I absolutely loved renting from Roo Town Rentals. They treat you like a person and are always understanding. John, the landlord, is always easy to communicate with and you can trust that he will fix a problem if needed.Taylor R.



I loved renting from Roo Town Rentals. The house was beautiful and well taken care of. Our landlord, John, was very nice and our neighbors always had great things to say about him. He made sure the houses were safe to live in and was extremely prompt with maintenance issues. He was easy to work with and understanding of personal issues. I am sad that I couldn’t continue to rent from him at the end of our lease. I would absolutely rent from him again and recommend Roo Town Rentals to friends and other students.Adrienne B., Art History


I rented from Roo Town Rentals for 2 years and I had a very positive experience! John, our landlord, was awesome, super friendly, understanding, helpful and made living in a house very easy! I strongly recommend Roo Town Rentals because they have the best deals and the best people.Ashley R.


Roo Town Rentals provided a very welcoming and comforting experience. The house was very clean and updated. It was kept safe with all the locks and detectors (smoke, CO). I would definitely rent from them again for they provided very fair prices and an understanding staff.Tara S., Senior


John was great! I’m only moving to get away from campus life. Repairs were always taken care of very quickly and John was always quick to respond to any concerns/questions. If Roo Town had more housing options away from campus we probably would have continued to rent from them!Morgan F., Child/Family Development and Jack W., Electrical Engineering


I lived in housing owned by Roo Town Rentals for two years. Any time I needed something fixed or needed a question answered they responded and acted on it right away. They were always so genuine and nice. Almost like family! I was never afraid to call them for help. Thank you!Hannah S.


Trustworthy company, yard work is taken care of, always reliable service.Mila D., Communications


Very affordable and in good condition. Would rent again if still in school.Sam E., Accounting


Price of living was great and the homes are always safe and nice.Shannon S.


Clean affordable housing that feels like home. John is a good landlord that takes care of his tenants requests and safety. Would rent from him again.Shane D., Mechanical Engineering


Our landlord John was very friendly, always said hi, or asked how things were when he would see us around. When we reported something wrong, they would repair very soon. Overall, the time I rented with Roo Town Rentals was great and I will miss John as out landlord.Victoria K.


The pricing was affordable with a great location that was within walking distance to campus. Roo Town Rentals was very easy to work with and are super friendly! I would most definitely rent through them again and highly recommend them to others interested in close to campus living!Taylor F., Early Childhood Education/Intervention Specialist


John has been a great landlord through my two years in his awesome home. He fixed many things in a timely manner and would go out of his way to help all the time. Fair rent prices and great location.Dan S., Marketing and Sales Management


Roo Town Rentals was extremely easy to rent through. John was always very friendly and kept us informed of things going on. Any issues we had were immediately addressed and problems with anything in the house were promptly fixed with no compensation required. I would definitely recommend Roo Town Rentals to any UA student looking for affordable and close housing!Jenea R., Nursing


Roo Town was great to rent from! The house was clean and well kept. When our fridge broke, John was very prompt and got us a new one. Definitely great pricing and people to deal with!Maeve M., Anthropology


I was pleased with my experience all around! Renting from Roo Town was a great way to spend my last year at Akron.Jenna D., Social Work


Roo Town Rentals is so friendly and really made my time away from home feel safe. They are always there when I needed anything for the 3 years I rented from them.Nicole H., Early Childhood Education


John is the ideal landlord in that he is easily accessible and is always quick to react to any issues that arise. He does an efficient job and is honest with his tenants. A very good guy.Derek B.



Roo Town Rentals have great houses that are well-priced and very clean. I have friends who have rented with many Roo Town Rental houses and they all loved them and had no problems. Our landlord, John, is AMAZING! He was very understanding, came to the house right when he was requested, and very fun to rent from. Hopefully everyone gets him as their landlord.Tatum S.


The pricing was fair and our landlord was excellent. John was efficient on fixing and maintaining the property. I would rent from Roo Town again!Lucas S., Communications


Landlord John was amazing to work with. We never had any troubles and they were always so understanding of our needs.David R.


Great clean house with affordable pricing. The landlord is great and extremely helpful. Best house I have lived in with my friends in college! I would definitely rent with Roo Town Rentals again.Natalie Z., MBA


Pricing is very reasonable and very nice apartments inside.Shannon S., Photography and Print Making


I’ve rented with Roo Town Rentals for the past 3 years and it’s been great. The landlord is very friendly and whenever something needs fixed he comes as soon as he can. The houses are some of the nicer houses on campus.Emily D., Media Production


John was awesome and I am excited to rent from him again.Ashley R., Communications and Marketing


Roo Town Rentals is always dependable and timely with any repairs/concerns.Amanda M., Fashion Merchandising


I shared a house with my two best friends and our experience was very enjoyable! We had no problems and the landlord was awesome!Mycah, Rachel, and Cory


Thanks for 4 great years!Anna H.


Easy to deal with.Chris C., Political Science


Great Landlord, easy to work with, and fixes problems in a fast manner.Fitzgerald B.


Decent price in a good location, fast maintenance (even on short notice), and overall a very professionally run business. Would rent again.Nick B., Applied Mathematics


Very easy to work with and beautiful living spaces.Sean H., Sales Management


John always responded to our concerns quickly and took care of the issue right away. He gave us plenty of notice when he was stopping by the house. He was truly a pleasure to rent from.Lisa G., Nursing

I’ve rented from Roo Town Rentals for the past 3 years and only had great experiences! Awesome landlord!Jillian S.


Our landlord was easy to get along with. He took extra precautions to make us feel safe. The repairs were taken care of immediately. The house I rented was adorable and it made me feel at home. I would totally rent another place from Roo Town Rentals again. I spent two years in the same place but had to leave due to graduating.Ciara C., Exercise Science Physiology



Overall great experience, thoughtful, and well maintained. Rent with Roo Town!Tom V., Accounting and Sales Management



Half the price of dorms and corporate student housing, very timely repairs, very friendly and easy to work with.Jessica A.



Great place to rent from a great landlord who is good with dealing with concerns and repairs. Good pricing for a safe, clean, and spacious living arrangements.Megan S., Nursing


I have been renting from Roo Town Rentals since I moved out of the dorms. Great landlord that does everything he can to make your renting experience a pleasant one. Highly Suggested!!Jillian S., Medical Assisting


John was a fantastic landlord! He was always available to contact, repairs were fast, and he was extremely thorough and organized. I’d rent from him again.Carlee M., Chemical Engineering


Renting from Roo Town Rentals was one of the best off campus opportunities I’ve had in a my six years at the University of Akron. Everything is very organized and any time I (or my roommates) needed anything it was fixed in less than 24 hours. Roo Town Rentals actually cares about their residents by keeping the house updated, keeping it clean, and installing “safety” doors. If I had to re-do my college experience, I would definitely pick them everytime.Dana S., Mass Media Productions


John was great about timely repairs! He is very trustworthy and became like a dad watching over us in Akron. W always felt safe and taken care of thanks to him.Chelsea D.


I rented through Roo Town Rentals for 3 years. If anything broke, I was able to get in touch with John quickly to get it repaired. Everyone was friendly and actually cared about safety. Easy to work with too!Krista H., Middle School Education


Timely fixes, easy to work with landlord. The house had plenty of room and privacy. Even with the house being off campus we still felt very safe. I would live here again if I hadn’t graduated.James S., Sports Administration


I would have loved to renew my lease with Roo Town Rentals but they are so well known and respected the apartments go fast! John, the landlord, is so easy to talk to and communicates really great when you need anything. I felt very safe where I lived and it made it even easier to call this home. If you’re looking for stress and worry-free living, this is the company to rent from.Rachel E., Nursing


Affordable and clean apartments.Jessica B.


I recommend Roo Town Rentals to all of my friends. John is a great guy and landlord. He always responded quickly to any issues we had. We continued to rent our house at 287 Wheeler for 3 years (and would have continued had we not graduated) because of the great renting experience Roo Town Rentals provided.Hannah G.


My experience here was amazing! The landlord is super nice and helps out with as much as he can. I would totally rent with him again. The rent is super affordable and a lot cheaper than most. I never felt like my safety was in danger. There are really nice neighbors and the hospital is right across the street so there were always police around.Taylor E., Early Childhood Education


I am very pleased with Roo Town Rentals and am now in my third year renting from them. John is a very reliable landlord and responds to any issues right away. He puts our safety first with security doors and protective film on our windows. Prices with Roo Town Rentals are very reasonable. I’ve yet to have had a negative experience.Liana C., Exercise Science


Repairs are done really quick. When we needed new appliances, they were here within a week or so.Kelly S., Child/Family Development


This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a rental service. I’m so happy that I chose to rent with Roo Town Rentals.Hannah N.